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Results Achieved in Immigration Cases

This is a sampling of results I have obtained in cases for my clients over the years.

9th Circuit

Ikeni v. Mukasey, – Appeal to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals of a denial of an application for political asylum.  The Court ruled in favor of my client, a woman from Nigeria, that the Immigration Judge erred in allowing my client to present evidence in support of her asylum application at her hearing.  The Court remanded the case back to the Immigration Court for a new hearing.

Administrative Appeals Office (AAO)

AAO decsion on extreme hardship to U.S. Citizen – (The decision is redacted to protect the privacy of my clients.)  My client had made a false claim to U.S. Citizenship many years prior and thus was denied adjustment of status.  We filed a waiver (Form I-601) with the San Francisco District office.  (His false claim was prior to a change in the law which now does not permit an individual to file a waiver.)  The San Francisco District Office denied the waiver and we appealed to the AAO.  The AAO granted it, indicating that we had shown extreme hardship to my client’s mother, a U.S. Citizen.  The AAO also acknowledged the hardship that my client’s same sex partner would face. (This case was decided prior to the change in the law allowing same sex couples to marry.)

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